Vespa GTS 300 Touring

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As the Jeep has become synonymous with off-road cars, Lux is cleaner, and Wap high pressure cleaning machine, Vespa is in some regions labelled as scooter. This is because of the first reliability, longevity and above all the unmistakable appearance of machines of the brand.

Vespa GTS 300 Touring at first sight belongs to the famous family. It delivers pure shapes, elegance and combines it all with great materials - without the slightest hint burr, in a decent paint and a tasteful colour combination. Yes, from the first glance it is a premium scooter.

The Touring Edition receives front and rear hinge, each reportedly can carry a 4 kilograms of luggage. Personally I consider this way of transporting goods safer than carrying it under the saddle, but that may be just my habit. Speaking about the space under the seat, space is narrow and integral helmets won’t fit in, which is very surprising.

Vespa GTS is very agile, but nobody should by surprised by this information - what else should the most powerful engine on Vespas offer than solid performance. Due to the perpendicular, classic shapes, you will be a star, but the bike above 120 km / h loses his breath. You will be able to go on a highway 130 km / h, but it is a torment for both. The ideal top speed is 110 km / h – the motorbike can fire from the rest as a racket.
If you are using scooter for the highway commuting, you have to travel more slowly than 130 km / h.

Yes, Vespa is about a tenth more than the competition prices. This additional cost is in my opinion extremely rewarding. Even though it is the ideal pattern of all ideal patterns, the machine should still offer the option to hide helmet under the saddle and should manage the speed limit on highways. But nevertheless, it is true that the Vespas get all the style, elegance and excellent image, and most nearly flawless large urban scooter premium shapes, materials and driveability.

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  3. This Vespa is so cool. Piaggio succeeded in developing a good advanced scooter with the style of a real Vespa. However, I'm from Bologna and I think that the 50special remains the best stylish one. Almost every person in Bologna is fallen in love with that and would agree with me.